Revolutionizing Your Health with Performance Physical Therapy: Insights from Sustain in Boston

Performance Physical Therapy


There’s a new wave in health and wellness, and it’s happening right here at Sustain in Boston. Our Performance Physical Therapists are changing the game with a unique approach that focuses not just on pain relief but on overall strength, movement, and wellness. But what exactly is Performance Physical Therapy, and why do you need it even if you’re not in pain? Let’s dive into the three core aspects of a Performance Physical Therapy session and see how this innovative approach can benefit you.

The Three Core Aspects of Performance Physical Therapy:

  1. In-Depth Evaluation
  2. Comprehensive Treatment
  3. Strength and Movement Training

In-Depth Evaluation:

The first part of any Performance Physical Therapy session at Sustain is the evaluation. Unlike traditional physical therapy, we place a strong emphasis on understanding you as a person. During the initial 10 minutes, we focus on getting to know you, your lifestyle, and your goals. This personalized approach helps build trust and ensures that you feel safe and supported throughout your therapy journey.

Once we’ve established this connection, we move on to the detailed evaluation. Our model, developed through various high-level schools of thought, aims to identify the root cause of your problem. This comprehensive process examines not only the specific area of pain but also other parts of the body that might be contributing to the issue. For instance, knee pain might actually stem from hip or ankle dysfunction. This holistic approach ensures that we address the underlying causes, not just the symptoms.

Comprehensive Treatment:

After the evaluation, we dive into the treatment phase. Our treatment style at Sustain is a blend of manual therapy, active range of motion exercises, strength work, and much more. We don’t limit ourselves to one modality; instead, we customize the treatment based on your unique needs.

The treatment evolves as you progress through your Physical Therapy plan. Initially, the focus is on pain relief using passive modalities like manual therapy, stretching, and breathwork or repositioning drills. These techniques help alleviate pain and set the stage for more active interventions. As your pain decreases, the sessions become more dynamic, incorporating more active range of motion exercises and strength training.

We believe in a progressive approach to Physical Therapy. Our goal is to transition you from passive treatments on the table to active, strength-building exercises in the gym. This not only helps in pain relief but also empowers you to regain strength and move freely. Bringing your gym clothes is essential, as you’ll be engaging in exercises designed to make you stronger and more resilient.

Strength and Movement Training:

Strength and Movement Training:

This is our bread and butter. The final step in our Performance Physical Therapy sessions focuses on building strength and improving movement. This is where traditional physical therapy often falls short, but at Sustain, we excel. Strength training is tailored to your specific needs, considering your pain levels, injury history, and overall stress.

For clients in acute pain or those who recently sustained an injury, the emphasis is on gentle exercises and hands-on work to ensure safe and effective recovery. However, for clients needing to build strength, we incorporate more intensive strength training. These sessions often resemble a workout, where we get you moving and help you feel strong and confident in your body.

The beauty of this approach is that it is highly personalized. Whether you’re preparing for the ski season, developing a running warm-up routine, or improving your overall mobility, our Physical Therapists tailor the exercises to complement your lifestyle and goals. Most clients continue in this phase indefinitely, as the sessions evolve to match their progress and needs.

We become the captain of your health. Helping guide you in the right direction whatever the current need or plan is. 

Moreover, these sessions are flexible. If you come in one day with a minor issue, like a slight back pain, we can address it immediately to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. This recurring, one-hour session with your personal Physical Therapist becomes an indispensable part of your weekly routine, ensuring you stay active, mobile, and injury-free.


At Sustain in Boston, our Performance Physical Therapy sessions are designed to revolutionize your health and wellness. By combining personalized evaluations, comprehensive treatments, and dynamic strength and movement training, we ensure you achieve lasting pain relief and enhanced physical performance. Whether you’re dealing with an injury or looking to improve your overall strength and mobility, our innovative approach offers irreplaceable benefits.

Invest in your health with a recurring, 60-minute session with one of our highly educated Physical Therapists. Use this time for a structured workout, address any tightness, or solve an injury. Contact us today to schedule your session and experience the Sustain difference.

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