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Optimize to perform your best in all aspects

Perform better. Live Better. Do Better. Professional Performance Coaching by Doctor's of Physical Therapy.

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Look Great. Feel Strong. We Help YOU Create Balance

  • We understand balancing looking great and feeling strong while keeping up with the rest of your life can be challenging.
  • But, there’s a way to achieve your fitness goals without feeling guilty or burnt out.

Performance Training coached by expert Physical Therapists - designed to fit into your life, mitigate setbacks, and Maximize Results.

Your fitness journey

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Book a FREE Discovery Call

Getting your results starts here. We’ll debrief on a 15-minute phone call where we’ll listen to your story and connect the dots for where you are and where you want to be.

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Establish the Plan

Over a 60-minute session, we’ll assess what’s standing between you and your goals, explain it in plain English, and lay out a roadmap for how we’ll get to your goals.

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See a Life Past the Pain

This is where we make your goals become reality! We’ll bring our expertise (and bad puns) to every session. We’ll celebrate the wins and update the plan as needed.

Get results faster.

Our approach to personal training is different. We leverage our background in physical therapy to maximize how quickly you can reach your goals. We call it the hybrid model.
How you’ll benefit from the hybrid model:

Fitness that fits your lifestyle. Your personal trainer will listen to and work with you on how to make success sustainable.

Maximize results. Your personal trainer will design a workout program to meet you at the level you’re ready for using the latest science and research.

Mitigate setbacks. Your personal trainer is also a physical therapist! Our Boston personal trainers understand what could hold you back from your goals.


Happy Clients = Happy Living

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- Marcelo L.

“Hiring Adam B. as my personal trainer was the best decision I made. I lost 20 pounds while doing personal training with him. Adam is dedicated to his clients and goes above and beyond to help with our specific fitness goals. He is creative, fun, a good listener, and always wise about healthy ways to change your diet to help with the process.”


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- Lina L.

“Thanks to Ryan’s physical therapy background, he is able to tailor workouts that target the exact muscle groups we want to focus on and adjust them for any injuries or aches I may come in with that day. The sessions are challenging but never overboard and Ryan is always sensitive to my overall health/well-being on a particular day.”

The Sustain Fitness PT Guarantee

A coach rooting for you, in and out of the session.

We stay in touch in between sessions to guarantee you get the most out of every visit. Whether you’re doing personal training in Boston or virtually.


Videos of all exercises covered in session.

Your exercises are loaded into your interactive app after every session. You’ll see the reps, sets, videos, and a way to send us notes, live!

Treatment & prevention focus.

We’ll achieve your personal training goals and train smart to reduce the likelihood of an injury slowing you down in the future.


1:1 Care for 60 minutes, always!

You’ll always be with your coach for 60 full min, 1-on-1. We do not divide our attention between you and another client or our computer.


The road to healing starts here

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Feel and look your best

  • Improve strength and range of motion
  • Optimize longevity and movement quality
  • Reduce aches and pains with exercise
  • Provide accountability and motivation for consistency
  • Increase endurance and cardiovascular health
  • Create a workout program you can do independently
  • Increase confidence in going to the gym

Go Fast Alone, Go Far Together

One of the secrets to having noticeable, lasting change is to surround yourself with people who are heading in the same direction as your goals.

We are unconsciously biased to become more like those who we spend the most time with. If you want to be healthier, surround yourself with more people who are making fitness a priority.

We host community events, give your goals a voice, celebrate victories, and make friends along the way.
Are you ready to win with a team?

The Performance Physical Therapy Difference