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"How To Eliminate Back Pain and Stiffness Naturally: No Medications, Surgery, or Waiting for a Doctor's Appointment!"

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Back pain is often dismissed as something that will go away on its own, with many people attributing it to sleeping awkwardly, a muscle spasm, or a common ailment that everyone experiences at some point. 

However, despite the lack of an apparent cause, the pain persists and doesn’t seem to improve.

If you’re experiencing this, rest assured that you’re not alone. Lower back pain and sciatica are the most frequent complaints we receive at our clinic. 

When it comes to coping with back pain, everyone who seeks our assistance wants to know…

"Why Me?" or "Why Am I Still Enduring Back Pain After Tolerating It for 3-6 Months? (Or Longer!)"

Many individuals believe that their back pain will vanish on its own, that one day they will wake up and it will be as if the pain never existed. However, six months down the road, they are still struggling with back pain, often even more severe than when it initially began.

Do You Recognize Yourself In This Scenario?

We encounter it frequently in our clinic: individuals who visit the doctor are told to rest and “try these painkillers” and “see how it goes.”

Unfortunately, this advice is seldom the best course of action, and four weeks later, the patient returns to the doctor because their condition hasn’t improved. To make matters worse, they are frequently given a stronger prescription and instructed to rest even more. This is preposterous and explains why many Americans suffer chronic lower back pain.

Have You Been Through Something Similar?

Why else would your back pain persist longer than it should? With so many different people providing advice, it’s easy to become confused. While there are plenty of well-meaning individuals willing to offer guidance, much of it is unreliable.

Perhaps you believe that your back pain was caused by something specific, such as lifting or sleeping in an awkward position. In reality, it could be the result of years of poor posture and poor movement, which led to weakness in the muscles of your lower back. The lifting or awkward sleeping position may have been merely an effect of this underlying condition.

Back pain can be extremely perplexing if you don’t know what you’re dealing with, which is why many people simply accept it as a normal part of life. But why should back pain persist when it doesn’t have to?

Do You Also Feel This Way?

If You Already Have Back Pain, Here Are 7 More Reasons Why It Might Be Sticking Around Longer Than It Should:

1. You believed that your back pain would resolve on its own, but it persisted.

2. You visited a doctor who advised rest and painkillers, which failed to alleviate       your back pain. Once the medication wore off, the chronic pain returned.

3. A relative or friend may have informed you that back pain is a natural part of aging, causing you to accept it as a fact of life.

4. You have consulted other healthcare practitioners or physical therapists in the past, but their recommendations and treatments proved ineffective.

5. You attempted to follow exercises from YouTube, but they either had no effect or exacerbated your back pain.

6. You assumed that resting would be beneficial, but instead, it made your back feel stiffer and tighter.

7. You opted for massages, hoping that they would alleviate the pain, but they only provided temporary relief and did not address the underlying issue in the long run.

If you’ve experienced any of these situations, we’re here to assist you. Our low back specialist is available to speak with you and explore possible solutions. The fact that you’ve already tried various approaches is actually a positive because it narrows down what doesn’t work and brings you closer to discovering what does.

To receive reliable advice over the phone, click on the link below to book a complimentary call with us. After the call, there’s no obligation to schedule an appointment with us. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision about your next steps.

Are You Wondering How You Can Quickly Get Rid Of Your Back Pain?

Here are four things you can do:

1. Make a decision to get help: Don’t wait for your back pain to magically disappear on its own. Procrastinating will only make things worse. Decide to take action and seek help from a professional.

2. Do the right exercises: Performing the right exercises, recommended by a physiotherapist, can significantly reduce your pain and restore your freedom of movement. It can also prevent the recurrence of pain or aggravation caused by incorrect exercises.

3. Avoid prolonged sitting and rest: Sitting or resting for long periods of time can worsen your back pain by causing stiffness and tightness. Appropriate strengthening exercises and hands-on treatment can help improve your posture and get you back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

4. Get hands-on physical therapy: Physical therapy is proven to be effective in managing low-back pain. At Sustain Physical Therapy and Performance, we specialize in treating this type of injury. If your back pain is impacting your daily life, physical therapy can help you regain your independence and improve your quality of life.

If you’re interested in finding out how our physical therapists can help you live with less back pain, we invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment at our clinic.

So, The Real Question Is:

"How Can Choosing To See A Physical Therapist At Sustain Physical Therapy and Performance Help You Get Rid Of Your Back Pain In Just A Few Days?"

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Our goal is to help you live a life free from the burden of chronic back pain.

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