Knee Pain

How To Put An End To Your Chronic, Daily, And Annoying Knee Pain Without The Need For Injections, Painkillers, Or Support Braces.

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When knee pain starts to bother you, it’s easy to assume it’s just a natural part of aging, a result of wear and tear, or that it will simply go away on its own. You might not even be sure what’s causing the pain, but it’s not improving either.

Rest assured, you’re not alone. At our physical therapy clinic, knee pain is one of the most frequent issues we encounter. We understand that living with knee pain raises many questions, and most patients want to know:

Do You Find Yourself Asking, "Why Is This Happening To Me?" Or "Why Am I Still Experiencing Worsening Knee Pain After Enduring It For Six Months Or More?"

It’s a common belief that knee pain will eventually subside and disappear on its own. However, many individuals continue to suffer from knee pain, which only intensifies with time.

Can You Relate To The Scenario?

Where you seek medical advice from your doctor, only to be told to rest, take painkillers, and return if the condition doesn’t improve. After six weeks, you might return to the doctor’s office, only to receive another prescription for stronger medication and a knee brace.

Has That Ever Happened To You?

It’s possible that you’re feeling confused because different people have given you conflicting advice. You might believe that you need to rest because walking exacerbates the pain or that you must perform specific exercises to alleviate it.

Navigating through this confusion can be challenging, and it’s understandable why many people procrastinate and delay making a decision about treating their knee pain. Unfortunately, some individuals even resign themselves to living with knee pain, believing that it’s just a part of life or that they must accept it as normal.

Is This How You Feel As Well?

If You're Currently Experiencing Knee Pain, Here Are Seven Additional Reasons Why It May Be Persisting Longer Than It Should:

Here are seven potential reasons why your knee pain may be lasting longer than it should:

1. You initially believed that the pain would dissipate on its own, but it persisted.

2. Despite seeking medical advice, rest and painkillers didn’t alleviate the discomfort and only temporarily concealed the pain.

3. Family or friends may have suggested that knee pain is an inevitable part of aging, leading you to accept it as an unavoidable consequence.

4. Previous attempts to address the issue with other healthcare professionals or physiotherapists may have been unsuccessful.

5. You’ve attempted to alleviate the pain using knee supports, but they provided no relief.

6. Resting seemed like a logical course of action, particularly if your knees were swollen and intensely painful. Nonetheless, you continue to experience daily irritation.

7. You may have experimented with exercises recommended online, but they were uncomfortable and ineffective.

If any of these situations sound familiar, we’re here to assist you. We invite you to schedule a call with our Physical Therapists in Boston, Massachusetts to discuss potential solutions for your knee pain.

It’s a positive development that you’ve tried various approaches to alleviate the pain, as it brings you closer to identifying what does work. Click the link below to schedule a complimentary call with us.

Our objective is to provide you with solid guidance, free of charge and without any obligation to book further appointments. We aim to help you make an informed decision about your next steps.

"What Can I Do to Get Rid of My Knee Pain Quickly?"

Here are four tips to help you get rid of knee pain quickly:

1. Decide to seek help: Resting and hoping that knee pain will go away on its own is not an effective strategy. Instead, make a decision to seek help from a professional.

2. Do the right exercises: A series of progressed exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist can help reduce pain and improve mobility.

3. Avoid sitting in awkward positions: Sitting with bent knees for extended periods of time can put your knees in awkward, unnatural positions. Working on strengthening exercises for better posture, along with hands-on treatment, can help you regain your mobility faster.

4. Get hands-on physical therapy: Physical therapy has been shown to be effective for knee pain. The team at Sustain Physical Therapy and Performance can help you get back to an active, pain-free life.

If you’re interested in learning how Sustain Physical Therapy and Performance can help you reduce knee pain, start with a free, no-obligation appointment at our clinic in Boston, Massachusetts.

So, The Next Question Is:

"How Can Choosing To See A Physical Therapist At Sustain Physical Therapy and Performance Help You Get Rid Of Your Knee Pain - Within The Next Few Days?"

Here are some ways our Physical Therapy Team at Sustain Fitness and Physical Therapy can help you get rid of your knee pain quickly:

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