Personal Trainer With Physical Therapy Background

Get Results, Without Setbacks.

Boston’s only dedicated clinic of personal trainers with a physical therapy background

two men working out in a gym.

What’s the benefit of a personal trainer with a physical therapy background?

Personal trainers are known for creating a custom programs to get strong, gain or lose weight, and improve cardio.

Physical therapists are experts in movement, decreasing asymmetries, and injury rehabilitation.

Combining personal training and PT means you can move towards your goals with an expert in all domains of movement with the personal attention you deserve.

How we integrate personal training and physical therapy

a man and woman doing a trx workout in a gym.
a man and a woman working out in a gym.

Understand your body and feel better than before.

  • Know why you have the same aches and pains
  • Increase confidence in going to the gym
  • Improve strength and range of motion
  • Optimize longevity and movement quality
  • Reduce aches and pains with exercise
  • Improve balance and asymmetries
  • Provide accountability and motivation for consistency
  • Increase endurance and cardiovascular health
  • Create a workout program you can do independently

Ready to make a change?

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Book a Discovery Call

Getting your results starts here. We’ll debrief on a 15-minute phone call where we’ll listen to your story and connect the dots for where you are and where you want to be.
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Establish the Plan

Over a 60-minute session, we’ll assess what’s standing between you and your goals, explain it in plain English, and lay out a roadmap for how we’ll get to your goals.
two men working out in a gym.

Execute the plan

This is where we make your goals become reality! We’ll bring our expertise (and bad puns) to every session. We’ll celebrate the wins and update the plan as needed.


Happy Clients = Happy Living

a man and a woman working out in a gym.

- Lina L.

“Thanks to Ryan’s physical therapy background, he is able to tailor workouts that target the exact muscle groups we want to focus on and adjust them for any injuries or aches I may come in with that day. The sessions are challenging but never overboard and Ryan is always sensitive to my overall health/well-being on a particular day.”
a woman is standing in front of a gym machine.

- Marcelo L.

“Hiring Adam B. as my personal trainer was the best decision I made. I lost 20 pounds while doing personal training with him. Adam is dedicated to his clients and goes above and beyond to help with our specific fitness goals. He is creative, fun, a good listener, and always wise about healthy ways to change your diet to help with the process.”


We’re conveniently located in Back Bay, Boston directly in Copley Square. Enjoy a view of Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library while you’re working up a sweat at Sustained Fitness.
Public transportation is available via the orange line, green line, and several bus lines within 5 minutes. Street parking is also available on all adjacent streets. It’s usually not too hard to find a spot outside of 8-9 AM.
Personal trainers are experts in creating changes in body composition, strength, speed, and cardiovascular health. Your personal trainer should also help you improve your overall lifestyle habits outside of the session in the direction of your goals. We have a saying here: “your body is your temple and it’s also your amusement park. It’s about deciding where you want to be on the scale between the two”. Your coach can help you better understand how to stay accountable, create routines, design a workout, and feel more balance between your fitness and life outside the gym.
It depends. Based on your goals and desire to accelerate getting there what we recommend can differ. On average, we work with clients 2x/week and they complete one to four workouts outside of our sessions. Our agreement for all clients is for them to work out at least one day outside of the session to improve how sustainable the changes and habits are.
We offer custom programming (included with most memberships) that allows you to continue to make progress in between sessions while keeping your coach up-to-date on your solo workouts. Workout programs and given via an interactive app that gives you the reps, sets, and videos on a calendar for each workout, so you can be confident in what comes next.
Injuries happen and they shouldn’t be the reason to stop training altogether (in 99% of the cases). Luckily for you, all coaches at Sustained Fitness are also physical therapists! Your coach will work to remedy the root cause of the injury and shift training to be the most efficient to still work towards your goals. Nagging issues ignored can add up, and having a personal trainer who can also treat your injuries can stop small problems from becoming bigger.
Personal training sessions are 60 minutes in length. We’ll typically discuss how your week is going (both fitness-wise and as a friend), warm up with exercises, coach you through targeted exercises based on your goals, and cool down during the last five minutes.
Sustained Fitness is located in Boston, MA in the heart of Copley Square. We are easily accessible by the green and orange lines, as well as, multiple bus routes. Metered parking is available, and although it’s a heavily trafficked area, it usually only takes a few minutes to find a spot (other than 8-9 am).
Our coaches have individually over a decade of experience in personal training or strength and conditioning. All coaches are also physical therapists, so you can rest assured you are in good hands to get strong and stay healthy. Learn more about our coaches here.
All coaches hold their Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) and are Licensed Physical Therapists in Massachusetts. Some coaches also hold advanced certifications, such as the certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).
Again, it depends. Some individuals want to incorporate having a personal trainer into their lifestyle to accelerate the results and build for longevity. Other clients we work with really want to learn how to do it on their own, and we use each session as a building block toward total independence. We love working with both types of clients and encourage everyone to learn more about their bodies and mindset to keep the results coming.